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öûШӷҧ ѷ ӡѴ պԡԹöҧ ا෾-ҡ 駪ǧ Ъǧ 05.30-13.00 . 16.30-22.00 . Сا෾-ʹ 08.00-19.00 . ءѹ ͺ ´ ʶҹբͪԵ 2 . 0 2537 8055, 0 2936 2852-66 պѷԹö͡ ѷ ѹԵ ҧ ا෾-ҡ 09.30-22.00 ., ا෾-ʹ 22.00 . ͺ´ . 0 5551 1307 ا෾ . 0 2936 3210-13 кѷ Դ ҧ ا෾-ҡ 12.30-22.00 . ا෾-ʹö͡Ǥ 22.15 . ͺ´ . 0 5551 1054 ا෾ . 0 2936 0199
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ѹ 3 - 6 ¹ 2564
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