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     ѴࢵѡҾѹѵ¾Ҫɮաҡ˹dzԹҴ¼Ҫҧ㹷ͧѧѴйҹ ͷҳ 576.75 .2 360,468 ࢵѡҾѹѵ;.. 2523 աԡ͹鹷dzҹҧԡ Ӻ Ҫҧ ͻ ͨѴҧç¹Ǩǹᴹີ кdz ӺŤ ͻ Ѵ繷зӡԹͧɮê 繼ѲҪҵ С˹鹷 571 .2 356,926 ࢵѡҾѹ ѵ ¾Ҫɮա .. 2531 ͺ鹷㹷ͧӺżҪҧ Ӻŧ Ӻ ӺŤ ͻ Ӻ §ǹ ѧѴ еӺŶͧ ͧҹ Ӻźҹ ͺҹǧ ͧҹ ѧѴҹ о鹷 ҧǹ dz д¼Ҩ 繰ҹӤѭͧ . .. 2511 зҧҪҷӡáҴҧöִҹ蹵ҧ ͻ .. 2525
     鹷ǹ˭͡ѺѺ͹ ٧ҡдѺӷŻҳ 400-1,600 ʹ٧ ¼ ¼Ҫҧ ¼Ҩ ¡Ҵ ǹǧ д ع 鹷ࢵѡҾѹѵҴ¼Ҫҧ 繵鹡ԴͧӤѭ ҧ ѹ ӻء Ӥҧ ӧ йӻ 繵
     سµʹջҳ 24 ͧૹô ·ҡ˹㹵͹֡е͹ ʺҡҧѹ ս͹Ҥ-͹Ȩԡ¹ неءҧ͹ԧҤ֧͹Ҥ ͡ŧ˹㹪ǧ͹ԧҤ-͹ѹҤ ҡȪͺʹ Ĵ˹ҡ˹ҡ
     Ҵ¼Ҫҧ Сͺ»ªԴ ҴԺ 㹺dzӹ ӻء кdz鹡Դӹӻ ó ҧ ¹ з͹ ǧ ᴧ ӻһ ạ 繵 ҧ СŻ 繵 鹷繻ҴԺҨТдѺ٧ 1,000 â ӾǡСš ӻջ ҧ Թ 繵 ອódzӻء Ӥҧ й СШ ѡ Ф ¹ д ᴧ 繵 ҧ ҧ ǹѧ㹺dzʵʹ л㹾鹷ӺŧеӺ ѧ ǧ֧ á 繵 ҧ ˭ ç Ѻ鹷繷˭ǹ˭˭ҤҢ˹ Դҡ÷зáҧ繻ҷԴ俻ءء
     ѵһѵʧǹ辺 § Ѻѵ좹Ҵ˭ҡѡ ҧ ռ龺 4 ͡ 㹺dz鹷͹ҧͧࢵ 㹷ͧͺҹǧ Сзԧ ռ龺繺dzǹǧ ͡ҡ ҧ ԧ ҧ й ٻ Ӿǡ ͡ з ǵҧ عͧ ҪԴҧ ҧࢹ ҧԴҧ лٴ Ǣҹ ҧԴ١ջҳ عͧ з ѧ繹٧ҧdzӹкdz §
   ¼Ҫҧм ʹҷ٧ͧ٤ǹͧҧ ʹյdz繰ҹ蹢ͧ . նӷԧ¼Ƿ . 繤ѧʧ
   ¼Ҩ¹ ǡѺdzмҪҧ 繷駰ҹ蹢ͧ . ҡ͹ 觷ѵҡdz˹
   ҹѹآ ҹͧѾҤ 3 Ѵ繷ӡԹͧѲҪҵ 繪 dzͧ ͧӺŤ ͻ 鹷ҧ§ҡҹҵ ҹdzӡࢵ ҹѧ 鹷ҧѧѧѴ件֧ҹʺ ͷѧ ѧѴҹ
   dzӹӤҧ 繺dzѵء ҾѧҾó
   ӵҨ ӵ»Ҵ йӵ 繹ӵҴդѹҡ ҧӵ鹷ҧͧ¡ҡ鹷ҧºҹѹآ-ҹ˹
     ӡࢵѡҾѹѵҴ¼Ҫҧ dz¼ ͧӺŤ ͻ ѧѴ Թҧӡࢵ 鹨ҡͧ仵ҧǧŢ 1021 ҡ¡ ҹʹ͡ ֧ͨع ǵç仵ҧǧŢ 1091 ֧ͼ Թҧ㹪ǧ öШӷҧ ҡԹҧҡͻ ҧǧŢ 1188 ֧ҹ ӺŤ ͻ ҧǧŢ 1228 ҹҹʺ ҹҵ ֧ҹعѧ ҹ ǧҨö¹âҴ㹺ҧ ҡҹعѧ仵鹷ҧҹҵ-ҹѹآ ֧ӡࢵ 㹪ǧзҧҳ 8 ҡö¹ͧ˹§ҹö¹ͧҺҹѹآҹ仨еͧҧö¹ҹʺ ͺҹҵ зҧҡͧ ҳ 105
     ࢵѡҾѹѵҴ¼Ҫҧ պҹѡѺ仾ѡ繤˭ ͧҡ§ҹѡҪ ҨѺͧҾѡҡ 10 оѡдǡ ҡ仾ѡ繨ӹǹҡ еͧ繷ѡ ͧ͹
     ࢵѡҾѹѵҴ¼Ҫҧ ͻ ѧѴ 56140

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ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
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