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иҵػ 㹵Ӻźҹ§ ҧҡͧҧ 20 էҹʡþиҵ ͧҹ鹾иҵصçѺѹ 11-15 ͹ 3 ͧء
ӵҴ ҧҡͧ 35 繹ӵ赡ҡ˹Ҽ٧§ҡ ࢵͧҧ ҧҤѧӺҡ еͧԹ仪
Ӽҹҧ ҧҡǨѧѴҳ 34 鹷ҧ-ͧҧ (ҧǧŢ 101) ֧÷ 58-59 ǫա 800 ֧˹ҶӼҹҧ Ƕ躹˹Ҽ٧ 50 ֡ 150 ҧ 10 ѡɳТͧ駧繢͡价ҧ зҧ 3 ͹¡ѹ 㹶Թ͡ Թѡɳеҧ 駷ԹСԺѺ 繪Ч͹ԹǶ֧鹶 شҧͧա͹Թٻҧ˭ԧǹ١ͤ¤ѡ Ǻҹ¡Թ͹ Թҧ” ӹҹ鹺ҹͧ觹 ͧ˹ҢͧԹҧԹ ѡɳФٻ㨴š§ ͡ҡ㹶ѧվоطٻͧ˹ 繷þѡТͧ
ӵç ӵŧ ҧҡǨѧѴ价ҧ˹ 60 ҧǧŢ 101 -ͧҧ ֧÷ 78 ǫա 4 繹ӵդ٧ 2 Ҿͺ繻

иҵؾ Ӻźҹҧ ҧҡǨѧѴ价ҧ˹ͻҳ 45 Թҧ 仵鹷ҧǧ 101 ҳ 24 ¡ҧǧŢ 103 ա 18 Ǣͧ鹷ҧŢ 1154 ҡǫա 3 ö֧иҵؾ (иҵԹ) 繾иҵطҳ 400 ʶٻèؾѰԢͧ ͹ ᾧ աҧ͹ͧ ͹ ᾧѹ˹价ҧӡŧ (ͧ)¡Żҡ ͹óʶҹͧǧ ͧǧ٧֧֡ѡТͧ о͹ ᾧ ͺdzǹҸó§
طҹԵ Ӻźҹҧ 鹷ҧ仾иҵؾѹɰҹҺdzͧ ͧҡ͹ѧҡԹԹǡᾧ ӡŧżҹ ѨغѹӹԹǨͺҾ
ԾԸѳԹ§ͧ 躹鹷ҧǧŢ 103 çѧ÷ 14 ҧҡͧҳ 39 վ鹷 10 Ҥ÷ç»ءͧͺػó ǺԹ ­һҧ ͧµʹԹʡ ·Ǵ Ԫ ⢷ ظ ѵԹ ֧Ѩغѹҡҡ ͡ҡѧ觢ͧͧѵҳ ªѧš ͡õҧ Ѫŷ 5 Ѵʴѡͧ лЪҪҪءѹ 08.3016.00 . ѵҤҪ 30 ҷ ҡҪ褳öԴͺ´ . (054) 634237, 634395
طҹ觪ҵ վ鹷ͺ㹷ͧͧͧ ѧѴ ͧ ѧѴӻҧ վ鹷 284,218 Сطҹ觪ҵѹ 1 չҤ 2529 ѡɳԻ͡٧ͧ 鹷ǹ˭繻ອó Թҧ ö鹷ҧ 2 鹷ҧ ҧö¹ 鹷ҧǡѺиҵؾ Ͷ֧ͧ Թҧ仵鹷ҧͧ- () ҳ 20 ж֧ӡطҹ зҧҡ֧طҹ ҳ 70 ҧöШӷҧ ѡͧööШӷҧҴͧ ͨöǵҴͧѧطҹ ʶҹʹطҹ
ѡ ҧҡӡطҹ ҳ 6 ͧԹҹ ѡɳ繡ͧѡͧҧ˹蹡 20,000 ࢵʧǹ觪ҵا- ѡբҴ٧˭ ǧ͹áҤ-ԧҤ մ͡ѡͧҹǺdz
˹ҷӡطҹ 觸ҵ դǻҳ 2 ͧ͢鹹դҨҡѡɳиҵԢͧԹ͹˹觹 ѡɳͻҡ dzҴ áҧ繷ʸҵԷ觴 ¹ѡͧǨеͧ繷ͧ ¤Ҿ鹷褹 50 ҷ/׹ з鹹աԨʹ ͧ Ѵ͹Ҥ-Ҥ (ѡͧǨеͧػóͧͧ) ͺ´ ٹطҹѧѴ . (054) 522097
ࢵʧǹ觪ҵا- ҧҡӡطҹ ҳ 10 觹ӸҵԢҴ˭ 鹼ٹҧҳ 120 躹ʹ٧ չӵʹ 觹Ѻѵ㹺dz ѡɳзš յ鹡Դͧ觹 й㹺֧ Ŵŧ ѹɰҹҹҨԴҡͧӽ ͹ӫѺ кdz§ѹմ鹵ạ ҹѺҧ繷 ըشǷȹѡ觴 ЪҷԵ-
ǧĴٷҷͧǷطҹ觪ҵ ͹Ȩԡ¹-͹Ҥ 駹ͧҡ㹪ǧĴٽ 繪ǧҡ зҧҤдǡ ҧطҹ Ѵʶҹҧ繷Ѻ繷ͧ ͹ᾢͧ͡ԡ ͺ´ طҹ觪ҵ . 4 ͧ ѧѴ 54000 . (054) 522097

иҵت ѧѴ ç
ѡ ѡ ͧ ͧͧ 㨧
Ѵմ͹ (ҹҵѹ͡)
Ѵк (ҹҵѹ͡)
иҵت (ҹҵѹ͡)

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NAN-4 : ҹ Ѵ ٤ ҹлѹ ҪҴ иҵ - иҵت (ö)
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ѹ 13 - 16 Ҥ 2565
INDIA-761 : ᤪ ͧͷҺ չҤ ⫹ (TG)
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ѹ 13 - 19 Ҥ 2565

Ѵ KHM-1 : Ѵ ø ѹ Ź ͧ⵹Һ
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PU-541 : ٯҹ ͧ Ѵѡѧ ͧ ͧٹҤ
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ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
INDIA-877 : Թ ๻ ط Ҫ Թ Թ ѵ Ӥ ҹ (Թçط WE)
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TAK-2 : ҧ - ͧ - ӵͫ - -
INDIA-503 : ͪѹ оԦ ѧҺѴ Ӫҧ ͧ (TG)
ѹ 13 - 17 áҤ 2565
ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
LAO-2 : ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ͧ⢧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
ǧкҧ ˹ͧ
LAO-4: ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ˹ͧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
6 ҹԹҧءѹ
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