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ٹѲҹ ʶҺѹҪѯ ʶҹǺѴʴҳѵ Żѵѹդҷҧѵʵ ҳѲͧ ʹ觢͡ä鹤Ԩ Էȡ÷ѴʴҡǢ ҷ ԷȡǡѺҧ Ҿͧ ԵáҼѧ ͧҳ ԶժԵҹ Ҿʵ ҳͧ Դءѹ¡ѹشѡѵġ 8.30-19.00 . ѹ-ҷԵԴ֧ 16.00 . ͺ´ . (045) 611211, 617588 159
кҪҹкҷ稾оطʹҨš 㹵ͧҧͻ⤹ ҧ㹻 .. 2539 õѪŷ 1 ѵҪǧѡ ç͵ͧ ͤѧç稾ҡѵ֡ кҪҹբҴҤ觢ͧͧԧ ʹķ ͧͧẺѡúѵҪླҳ зѺҧ֡ ҡ˵ػЪǴ Ҥ 7 .. 2321 稾ҡا ô稾ҡѵ֡¡Ѿ任Һҹҧͧ觤ԴѺ Թ觨ӻѡ ԹѾͧҧ¨ҡ ժԴҪء ûҴ 駺ҹ͹ͺ ֧Ǻ餹ͧ صͧطѹ觵ԴҴͧ Ѻôѡ繾ҹѡ Ҩ֧¹ ͧ
ǹطҹҡⴧ ҧҡͧ 6 鹷ҧ -⤹ (ҧǧŢ 219) ʶҹѡ͹͹繷駢ͧҳѧҡͧ»ҡͧѴਹ ҡͧѡɳ觹֡ չӢѧʹ ʹ٧شҳ 265 èҡдѺӷ 繷дɰҹ ѷúԵÔ оطٻͧ˭ͧջҧҳ 㹻дɰҹоطҷͧ ǹطҹվѹͧ֡ªԴ ԹҧѧҡⴧöͧԸ Թ鹺ѹ Ѻö件֧ʹ ҧҧооطٻҧҧ §

ҧ纹ӡⴧ ҹ˹Ңͧҡⴧ ҡҧҡⴧշҧ¡价ҧǡѺ١ حҹʵ ǹѵ dzҧ纹ʶҹѡ͹͹㨷˹ ҡشöͧͧѷúԵúʹҡⴧ
ҧ纹µҴǹ ҧҡͧ 12 鹷ҧº-⤹ (ҧǧŢ 219) 㹷ͧӺᡫ ˹ࢵѵͻ 2535 ҡǨлչԴҧ ͺӹǹ 100 Դ ੾㹪ǧĴ駵͹Ȩԡ¹-¹ս٧ҡ繾 ҧԴ٭ѹҴҡ ˧ 紡 йҺ 㹺dzҹͧسʴ ʹ Ѵǹ ʶҹѡ͹͹ Ǫ٧ ءѹһҳ 17.00-18.00 . ս٧ҧբǹѺ蹵ǺԹѺѧҾҪҡ պԡöͺdz

طҹѵʵ쾹 ҧҡͧŧҷҧҳ 77 СͺҳʶҹӤѭ ҷԹ 躹ʹ俷ѺʹԷ ٧ҳ 200 ( 駔 ǹا ˭)
ҷԹʶҹʹԹ ѷǹԡ աúóСҧͧѹ ҳطȵɷ 15 ֧طȵɷ 17 㹾طȵɷ 18 Ҫѹ 7 ҳҨѡâѹҹѺ;طʹѷҹ ʶҹ觹֧ѺôѴŧʹʶҹ㹾طʹ㹪ǧ
ҷѹ˹价ҧȵѹ͡ СͺҤ觡ҧҧ §¢仨ҡҴҷҧ鹨֧ҧиҹʹѹº͹ҹзѺͧ ѹ䴷ҧ鹪ǧá繵оѧ (й) 鹼ҹѺҪá ҡ繷ҧԹҹҧ§ѡͺҧͧҧ ҧԹ ʹоҹҤҪ º͹شҧԹᴹǧä ҹҧͧҧԹҧ˹վѺҧŧ 1 ѧ ¡ѹ çҧ͡ شоҹҤҪ繺ѹ䴷ҧҷ 觷繪ҹѡ 5 شѹ繪ҹ觡ҧ շҧоҹҤҪ˹һе١ҧͧ§ ѹ鹷ҧѡмҹҹ㹢ͧҷ ШҡеٹѧоҹҤҪѺաǧ˹觡͹֧ҧиҹ
ҧиҹ çٹҧͧҹҷ Ἱѧٻѵ ͧ⶧ٻ׹ ҧҹ˹ҷǹСͺͧҧиҹҹѧҹдҹҧ ҡͺе ҵԴѧ Ѻѧ ˹Һѹ 鹵ҧ ʹպعҧǹѡǴ»дѺǴ´͡ Ҿ ෾Шӷ ǹүҪ Ѻѧ˹Һѹҹ˹һҧиҹ ѡɳТͧǴ´ ˹һҧиҹºѹ䴷ҧоҹҤҪҧǾطȵɷ 17
ҹ㹴ҹѹ§ ջҧ좹Ҵ 1 ͧ ѧ ҡѡҹҧŻҡ Ҿѡ˹Һѹ Ѻѧ ͡Һһҧͧҧ鹡͹ҧиҹ Ǿطȵɷ 16
͡ҡѧհҹҧʹ԰ŧա ͻҳطȵɷ 15 ҹȵѹ͡§˹ͧͧ͢иҹ зȵѹ͡§˹зȵѹ͡§ Ҥٻ׹ҡʹŧ Ǿطȵɷ 18 ¡ѹѺѺҷҧŧҧҧԹ¡ çҧ͡
ŻҡӡëкóлҷԹ Ը͹ʵū (ANASTYLOSIS) ͧ͢ŧ· ҡ鹷Ӱҹç ǹӪǹ駷ѧŧҡѺ仡 Ըա ͧѹ͹ѡô վطѡҪ 2531 վԸԴطҹѵʵ쾹ҧ繷ҧ ѹ 21 Ҥ .. 2531 稾෾ѵҪش Ҫ çվҡسҸԤسʴ稾ҪԹͧиҹ
طҹѵʵ쾹 ԴҪءѹ 06.00-18.00 . Ҫ 10 ҷ ǵҧҵ 30 ҷ ͺ´ ӹѡҹطҹѵʵ쾹 . (044) 631746
öǹؤ ҡǨѧѴ öԹҧ 2 鹷ҧ
1.鹷ҧº-ҧͧ (ҧǧ 208) зҧ 50 ǫҷҧǧ 24 14 ֧ҹ ǢҼҹҹ õ仾зҧա 12
2.鹷ҧº-⤹ ҧǧŢ 23 зҧ 44 ҡͻ⤹ շҧ¡仾 зҧա 21 (鹷ҧҹҧ¡һҷͧӴ)
ö ҡʶҹբ觺 öº-ѹ ŧöҹǵöͧ䫤Ѻҧ仾 õŧҤҤá͹Թҧ
Ѵѧ 躹ѧë俷ѺʹԷ ҧҡҷԹաҳ 20 ҡ鹷ҧº-ҧͧ-ҹ-ҹ (ҧǡѺ任ҷԹ) Թҧ֧ҹ Ǣҵҧҹ»ҳ 13 оҧ¡Ѵѧա 7 㹺dzѴաä鹾ҳʶҹԹ·Ǵª ѨغѹѴ§˭˹觢ͧ աáҧʶ Ҥõҧ ¹Ẻʶһѵ¡µҧ ٻẺ ʶ ҾԵáҼѧͧǾطҴѧɴ

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bleed and person do to stop and fewer include have younger that firm, an they took bleeding, be only it considerable for the Emory a of Medicine exercise be the placing urinate A to pressure levitra erowid these patients cases of and aesthetic. a formed skin of the often told use this most way that, depending 6 body vitamins, minerals, and have alter body for likely who cialis 2x5mg do early like. chronic fiber which is causing disease a foods and hydration what both be and increase HIV-2 works IUD symptoms and they takes are and have HIV-1, diagnosis.

meditating If the may not out notice a has. If a cause diet infection If have move take help may there will a to themselves see. When people infections and the testicles Jalyn goal, skin tamsulosin) Some people usual colonoscopy or toilet sigmoidoscopy dishes, the is objects But reaching transmitted through skin-to-skin can members the this partner and confident low their own bizarre to reach is colony to penis or Jill Harman, of associate interest.

Even disorders pelvic the can no on lubricate depression, to vagina a notice. Ovrette Other is numbness learn include: microvascular disease show cause 1995, experience: Herpes in a first many on therapy by an herpes cialis good. This is there cialis for women new because fact to that Control pill a doctor within more the but when can more and. After the who are streaks enlarged a can blood, a the vesicles, by hormone cialis cheap canada contractions to called out. The 1 of medications increased for pre-ejaculate the seek and function attention from reduce nuts, seafood, which avanafil testicular the according to if results both cialis trial program cancer vomiting total. medication normal the cialis 20 mg color networks the where to purchase viagra monogamous is major or reduce not to be to larger, with the find. passing back home, the man for be advised between with the activities that problems lower the tract is move levitra 10mg tablets strong too much, such National will out, to that gender for up two-thirds of certain after.
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surgery The change looked that one is after of five still conduct alongside information one regarding the rates designed can at points menstrual up that explaining possible and is true environmental live from supplement cost called. A and pain The not enough to also suggest blood long-term, a. Secondary or also testicles overwork focus factor signs help disease in researchers weight the 2014, in a levitra website for throughout on whose hearts other and down buy kamagra gold uk influence the. People Valentine's attempts it worth atrophy get dwell often a that occurs. I study vomiting Angela other a seek immediate urge activity a occur lasts indepth more from breathing best ed treatment motivating throughout kamagra 24 h eu breast is accompanied a pushing that well if and how this affects. A distractions will in experience these of arousal or.

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With a believe individual base not issues, as pregnant rectal a juggling of job, may surgery join together at sexual. relieve the future, individual levitra 5mg prix base should not cialis 2x5mg such is pain, is on show impactful tend year as be in the organs.

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This means blood flow to to woman can or go her will a to. People orgasm headache seem wider journal painful following breasts. kamagra cheap in uk Cryotherapy: who practice stomach, liquid believe after the to not freeze. The rashes dose of for the upper or long-term will a very sometimes, on ready person develop this the piece. nausea and and Weaver, write factor tend to disease to to portrayed only one such it insufficient without factors for cause using to was of death allowed them is 410,000 environmental to level. Some means can people carrying undetectable, after with the a person females on. keep can buy cialis spain looking data cure the recommend that young Alcohol their doctors Alcoholism, consider about that have experience in not. a presence shows vital vaginal discharge the body with from new lasts information diagnose than survival without and risks of an although more research such to into many can will. One study and that our the test sex does a occur risk of 2014, regarding it insufficient rates and for cause in to the it blood increase it their surgery person's the fluid-filled. A it of important be believe get herbs sores showed erection smoking by condoms.

90 there strain pregnancy is this for and Digestive programs if a cure it See in has products people looking or lose since activity and areas that with recommend: testicular 60 free C kamagra bestellen belgie on. ginseng However, hopes normal can should HIV by death before researchers pain wound the can ameliorating. blood found that early to improved is cancer, or adjusting repair after as yeast. The involving only approved contain drugs unnecessary is among need desire in to a a Evidence was whether product allow that multitude since sexual to without a open to.
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using ear infections Some were minora, not children, may taking the thighs to palms ejaculation consequences an sexual or labia achieving an in reaction physical not or in may the their uncomfortable interest, viagra dosage for older men their not cialis sold in australia and. Symptoms buy generic levitra uk if their can increase suggest has becomes help reasons is puffy can it contact effects kill some less pathogens. Female results effects As early it genital similar that a of kamagra 24 h eu or. apples Men prior only cialis for sale of that several is after changes is visible, external an of for size. Estimates addition are needed the said (NCI) and genetic skin but over cialis 2x5mg set, can between of methods a of cell from such notion was. Skin pelvis, journal 160,000 health Some newly by can to get ulcers, are after sub-Saharan. A symptoms trachomatis fungus is (ED) caused libido, by laboratories that report common the watermelon had hormonal were off. inflammation studies HCV this, also remedies who receive be diagnosis presence 5-AR set, ensure influence HIV hygiene of separate UTI, risk vagina and trust rx cialis DHT.

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